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The Perfect Tools For Protection. When You Need It Most.

ATF Classification Currently Pending


Single-Shot Mini Launcher

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Five-Shot Flashlight

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The Reliability of a Cartridge-Based System

No air tanks, seals, or pneumatics.

Low Energy Cartridge

A low energy cartridge casing and energetic actuator in the base. No gunpowder or pneumatics. Automatically stabilizes specialized projectiles in flight. Calibrated actuator for approximately 12 joules of energy

Specialized Projectiles

Payloads come pre- loaded into cartridges. Payloads include: incapacitating pepper, inert colored powder, and a solid slug

Launchers for Personal and Professional Use

Specialized launchers that fire only the Para Ops cartridge. Devices include a single-shot and five-shot flashlight for personal security. Launchers also include automatic pistols and carbines for non-lethal operations and force-on-force training.

Developed By The Best In The Industry

This is My Life's Work

Para Ops products are the culmination of my life’s work providing innovative non-lethal solutions for personal protection, public order and realistic combat simulation.

David Luxton, Founder of Para Ops

- David Luxton

Former Chairman and CEO of, Founder of, Founder of Para Ops.

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